Southside Community Church
  Southside Community Church exists to celebrate the arrival of God's Great Future in our Here and Now

Pastor Shiv Zacharias

Family Ministries Pastor - currently on maternity leave

Shiv joined Southside in June 2015. She comes from a Sikh background and she became a believer prior to entering university.  She studied physics, mathematics and religion from the University of Toronto where she met her Christian husband, Andrew.  Upon receiving her family's full blessing to wed him, she then completed training at the RZIM Centre for Christian Apologetics in Chennai and completed further studies at the University of Oxford.

Shiv has spoken and taught at various religious and secular establishments in Canada, the US, the UK and India as she continues her role as an apologist for The Jesus Network.  This organization reaches out to the many diverse ethnic groups of the Greater Toronto Area and around the globe.  As the Pastor of Family Ministries at Southside Community Church, Shiv hopes to instill into the hearts of children, youth and young adults a sincere love for Christ by helping to remove barriers to the Christian faith and elucidate God's abounding love for His children.

When she can, Shiv enjoys exploring the world with her husband, Andrew, hiking new trails alongside him, defeating him at chess, and competing with him in a variety of athletic activities including baseball and tennis.

Shiv can be contacted at