Southside Community Church
  Southside Community Church exists to celebrate the arrival of God's Great Future in our Here and Now


MSC = mid-sized community

MSC = meal sharing community

MSC = mission shaped community

Southside’s Mid Sized Communities are designed to provide a setting in which people can interact with one another in real life, real home settings and learn and practice the aspects of the interpersonal relationships of Christian fellowship. They are the sorting and integration opportunities for small group involvement in which discipleship and missional practice are the main components.

Southside’s Meal Sharing Communities are intentionally gathered around the table as we eat together, sharing food, word and sacrament.

Southside’s Mission Shaped Communities are intended to be the breeding media for intentional mission in the E0, E1, E2 and E3 spheres.

Our vision is for mid-sized communities (15-40) people to gather on a regular basis in the home of a Southside host . Meals will be pot-luck style. The leader will bring a word of Scripture attached to a LifeShape reflection tool after the meal and guide into a time of communion and prayer ministry. A standard feature will be discussion of missional opportunities on the E0-E3 scale which will ultimately define the main “out-affinity” glue of the community. Small groups will arise from the mission forward aspect of the community and will use LifeShapes as the curriculum for discipleship and missional prayer and activity. Some small groups will be specifically “on task” concerning mission, with such activities as culture and language learning, prayer, short term mission, resource gathering and development. Small groups (huddles) will normally meet bi-weekly in rhythm with the MSC. MSCs will always be “open” meetings.

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