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Fresh Start FAQ


Do you have a question about the move to 200 Main? It may be answered below but if not, send it to  New questions & answers will be added to the top of the list below as we receive them. The dates after each question show when they were added to this page.

Will Southside continue the Food for Life program that MBC currently runs? (28/07/17)
We are in conversations with MBC right now exploring options for the program going forward. We welcome partnerships, and are exploring all options to see what will work best for Southside, MBC & the people served by the Food For Life program.

Will there be space for small group meetings at 200 Main?
There should be ample space for small group meetings both on the second floor and in the basement. 

Will the library move to 200 Main?(28/07/17)
The library, as well as all the other current ministries at Southside, are under consideration as to how they fit the Ministry Criteria (that was used to gather input by the working groups from the congregation) and the expanded Vision going forward to 200 Main. A decision should be forthcoming over the next few months.

Will there be a baptismal? (28/07/17)
Due to limited space on the main floor, it’s unlikely that there will be a permanent baptismal in the building. Options for accommodating water baptisms are being explored, and the result will be a workable way to accommodate anyone desiring water baptism.

Will there be a space for the youth at 200 Main? (28/07/17)
Answer: We value our youth and will make every effort to provide the required space for them to feel welcome and comfortable. Our youth program is currently being reviewed (along with the other ministries) and space requirements are one of the considerations. 

Why couldn't we have worship services for the whole family? (I guess with the children present through out the meeting) (Question translated from French, 20/6/17)
Our worship service content and flow is being looked at along with the other ministries at Southside. Your idea will be brought forward and prayerfully considered.

Why couldn't we have strictly speaking worship services where worship would the focus of the meeting? (I guess where praise and adoration would be the the rule of the day) (Question translated from French, 20/6/17)
Great idea! This will be brought to the worship team  for consideration. Thanks!

Will you have a separate meeting on reno’s, etc? (16/6/17)
Yes, we will have a meeting where everyone can come and see the designs and ask specific questions. We’re just waiting on the architect to get back to us with the 3D drawings. At this date we are shooting for July 23rd for the gathering.

Will we have a tour before we move? (16/6/17)
We hope that will be possible. We have no formal access to the building until it is officially ours (Sept 29th) and we are trying to respect MBC and not ask for access before then, unless it’s for architects and builders to take measurements. After we take possession we plan on organizing tours.

Will we be able to have church dinners (eg. Christmas) at 200 Main? (16/6/17)
That will depend on the timing of the renovations. We will make that effort if the space is usable by the time the holidays come round.

Is there space for large gatherings at 200 Main? (16/6/17)
Yes, the auditorium currently holds up to 200 and that may increase slightly with the renos. As well, the basement is a wide open space at the moment.

Can we do something to connect with the crowds at the Saturday morning market? (16/6/17)
We are certainly hoping that will be the case. It’s the intention to be as accessible as we can be to the community, and we are hoping that we will have enough volunteers to accommodate this kind of outreach.

Do you know what will happen with food bank presently operating at 200 Main St? (16/6/17)
No. We are in the process of evaluating Southside ministries, to help determine what space, volunteer and time commitments will be a priority and won’t likely know the final answer to that for a while yet.